The Foundation's Startti scholarships support sports and exercise activities for the disabled in the early stages of their hobby.

The association's grants are awarded for sports activities for people with physical disabilities. The support is distributed primarily to the member associations of the Invalidiliitto and their members.

Paralympic Committee and tukilinja Foundation Start Scholarship

Vammaisliikunnan Tuki ry

Below is a list of grants you can apply for from different players.


Some of these can be applied for by all, some have restrictions on applicants.


Definitely worth a look! I will be happy to help you with your application.

The American Challenged Athlete Foundation generously distributes grants to athletes with disabilities. The scholarship can also be applied for in Finland, and many Finnish athletes have received support, as long as the application has been made carefully. Nearly 90 percent of all applicants received grants. Grants can be applied for annually from early September to early December, and grant decisions will be made in April. The CAF grant is mainly aimed at people with physical disabilities, but according to statistics, paintball players and bowlers with visual impairments, for example, have also received support. The applicant's injury must be covered by the International Paralympic Committee's IPC classification rules. That is, if an applicant has an injury that would entitle him or her to compete in the Paralympics, he or she can apply for a grant.

The organization's hobby grants are awarded both to its own groups of people with intellectual disabilities and to individual applicants with developmental disabilities who have reached the age of 16.

The Foundation's grants support the activities of children with severe disabilities and young people under the age of 30.

Challenged Athlete Foundation

Kehitysvammaisten tukiliitto ry

Vammaisten lasten ja nuorten tukisäätiö

The committee's subsidies are intended for riders under the age of 25 living in Uusimaa for beginner's courses. The website also has information on how to apply for a Lions Club Sponsor for those living in the metropolitan area.

The Foundation's grants are awarded, for example, for the direct costs of hobbies for children and young people. Grants are applied for through your local ward deaconess worker.

The association's hobby grants are distributed to children and young people.

Lionsklubien Vermo-toimikunta

Tukikummit foundation

Hope – Yhdessä & Yhteisesti ry

The scholarships are intended for items that promote children's sports and sports activities, such as camp and exercise fees, travel expenses, space rental and equipment. Scholarships are open to anyone under the age of 18.

The organization's hobby grants are aimed specifically at children under the age of 18 whose hobbies are threatened by the family's tight finances. Support can be given e.g. recreational equipment, hourly and seasonal fees and leisure trips on the basis of actual costs.

Valio Plus Akatemia™

Pelastakaa lapset ry

The foundation supports, among other things, the hobby activities of people with disabilities.

Tukilinja foundation

The association grants grants for, among other things, people who belong to the union's target group.

Suomen CP-liitto

Support is granted to deaf people for, among other things, hobbies.


Kuurojen liitto ry

UUMU ry reimburses its patient members 20% of the costs of independent exercise against a receipt.

Uudenmaan munuais- ja maksayhdistys ry

The foundation supports, among other things, the hobby expenses of visually impaired children.


Sokeain Lasten Tukisäätiö sr