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Safety stirrups

Riding belt

Colour coded reins

Roller/vaulting belt

Assistive signs

I have many tools at my disposal

With me, you get to know the horses and ride a guided tour in your own peace, without the pressure of the group.


If you are interested, we will also learn important horse skills and working with the horse from the ground up.


Feel free to contact me and we will build an hourly package together according to your wishes!


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Ratsastushanskat Lindyride pararatsastus

Horseback riding is a year-round activity, so the weather conditions must be taken into account when dressing


Elastic trousers with no abrasive inner seams are used as riding trousers. Trousers must not be made of slippery fabric.


Footwear should be rubber boots or other shoes with a wide but low heel. The heel prevents the foot from slipping through the stirrup. Footwear must be also durable.


'Gloves are always worn when riding. The gloves must have a non-slip surface.